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Automated Configuration and Change Management for WhatsUp Gold

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WhatsConfigured Overview

WhatsConfigured is a fully integrated plug-in for all editions of the WhatsUp Gold IT management product. It automates all configuration and change management tasks required to maintain and control configuration files across your network, eliminates human error, and frees up valuable IT personnel time.

With support for heterogeneous networks, WhatsConfigured provides secure SNMP v1-3, SSH or Telnet access as well as TFTP to download and store configuration files in a secure repository. Configuration tasks can be scheduled or manually run for downloads/uploads, file compares and backups. WhatsConfigured also allows users to view and receive real-time alerts when configuration changes occur, as well as maintain audit trails of all configuration changes.

WhatsConfigured reduces the time and effort spent by network managers manually maintaining device configurations and changes while providing increased security, compliance and visibility.

Embracing Change and Controlling Configurations

Network configuration and change management is the process of creating and maintaining a centralized and up-to-date record of all the configurations of key networking devices such as switches, firewalls, VPN devices, Wireless Access Points and routers.

Defining device configurations is as much of an art as it is a science, as networks continue to become more complex. Network management professionals spend significant time establishing and fine-tuning configurations to ensure stable network performance, protect data and secure networks from unauthorized users.

With sometimes hundreds of individual devices to manage and maintain, configuration changes are made almost continuously. This makes it difficult for network managers to keep track of all of them.

Unfortunately, things go wrong, and one of the most common causes of network outages is network device misconfiguration. Without a configuration management solution in place, recreating a device configuration from scratch or figuring out what changed when, where and by whom can be next to impossible.

The ability to rapidly react to a device failure or misconfiguration is vital. The capability to download a backup to a new device or replace an existing file can mean the difference between a network outage and a healthy infrastructure.