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Free Evaluation Download AlertFox End-User Monitor

AlertFox End-User Monitor

Ensure a great user experience and monitor complete online processes (e.g., the complete check out process, not just store uptime). Only AlertFox's browser-based real-user monitoring solution can test function and performance of sites that rely on any of the major rich internet applications (RIA), including ActiveX, AJAX, Flash, Flex, complex HTML and Silverlight technology. Monitor and improve your site usability and increase conversion and revenue.


As the first synthetic monitoring service that can monitor web applications with Flash and Silverlight applets, AlertFox is able to monitor sites like YouTube or Google Docs that previously were not candidates for these types of services. Furthermore, this real-user monitoring runs directly in the web browser, thereby monitoring the true user experience. AlertFox constantly monitors web applications, alerting owners to problems that other monitoring services overlook. And since AlertFox is offered as a service there is no internal software to deploy and maintain.

Why use AlertFox?

  • Best service for multi-step web application monitoring.
  • Actual browser-based transaction monitoring.
  • New: Receive screenshots when errors are detected.
    - see what your users see!
  • Only service to support Internet Explorer and Firefox (PRO)
  • Unique: Flash performance monitor & image recognition.
  • Unique: Java and Silverlight performance and transaction monitoring
  • Unique: 100% AJAX Support
  • Based on iMacros, the leading web browser automation tool - free license for our users.
  • Did we mention that even with all these features our PRO accounts costs less than any of the "big -name" Web 1.0 website monitoring services?
AlertFox Real Time User Monitoring

AlertFox includes detailed error reporting, so you can determine exactly why your website failed and quickly correct it. Note that a 3rd party component error as shown in the screenshot above ("Waiting for widgets...") is not available to classic monitoring services, as it only appears inside an actual web browser.