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WhatsUp Gold VoIP Monitor

Measure Network Performance for VoIP Accurately

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Maintaining Quality VoIP Networks

VoIP Monitoring Dashboard

WhatsUp® Gold VoIP Monitor allows you to continuously assess and monitor acceptable performance levels for VoIP (Voice over IP) call quality with an easy-to-use plug-in that collects data and reports on the quality of service (QoS) levels of your network. WhatsUp Gold VoIP Monitor accesses information generated by Cisco IP SLA-enabled devices to monitor performance parameters such as jitter, latency, and packet loss, and display MOS (Mean Opinion Score) and ICPIF (Capacity Planning Impairment Factor).

Offered as a value-added plug-in to the extensible WhatsUp Gold architecture, WhatsUp Gold VoIP Monitor leverages the core services of WhatsUp Gold to provide insight into network capacity and VoIP service levels. With WhatsUp Gold VoIP Monitor, network managers with combined data and voice networks can be assured of having seamlessly integrated 360º visibility, actionable intelligence, and complete control for VoIP.

Networks Face Data and Voice Convergence

All organizations must have reliable voice communications in order to conduct their everyday business. As corporations replace their traditional voice communications systems by investing in VoIP infrastructure and deploying it on top of their existing data networks, a new set of problems can surface.

These converged networks were initially designed for data traffic only and introducing voice traffic can result in degraded overall performance for both traffic types. Therefore, you must have the ability to continuously measure your network’s capacity to sustain adequate VoIP QoS, and ensure response times for both application and voice traffic.

VoIP Monitor Highlights

  • Performance Monitors for Network Measurement
    Eight performance monitors, including six that measure jitter, latency, and packet loss from source to destination, and from destination to source, and two that provide values for ICPIF (calculated planning impairment factor) and MOS (mean opinion score). The performance monitors leverage IP SLA synthetic calls sent between VoIP devices, avoiding additional load on the network.
  • Active Monitor for Mean Opinion Score (MOS)
    A configurable active monitor for MOS that can trigger an alert if network degradation causes the MOS value to drop below a user configured threshold.
  • WhatsUp VoIP Monitor Configuration Wizard
    A configuration utility that scans the WhatsUp Gold database for IP SLA enabled devices and lets you select an IP SLA source device for gathering VoIP RTT (round-trip time) data. The wizard then steps through the set up for VoIP performance monitors, workspace views, and active monitors for the selected IP SLA enabled devices.
  • VoIP Monitor Workspace View
    A unified view of VoIP performance metrics that is fully integrated with the management and reporting infrastructure of WhatsUp Gold. VoIP data is clearly presented in a single workspace view, and you can drill down into the underlying WhatsUp Gold functionality to troubleshoot network issues that could affect VoIP performance.