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WhatsUp Gold Flow Monitor

Network traffic and bandwidth monitoring software for all popular flow mechanisms.

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Flow Monitor Overview

Flow Monitor is a fully integrated plug-in for all editions of the WhatsUp Gold IT management product. It gives you in-depth insight into how your network is performing and analyzes, alerts and reports on network and application traffic and bandwidth utilization in real-time.

Flow Monitor not only highlights the overall utilization of the LAN, WAN, specific device, or interface, but also indicates which users, applications and protocols are consuming bandwidth. In addition, real-time alerting will inform you of bottlenecks, network device saturation and even viruses, worms or other external attacks as they happen, so you can fix issues before your end users are impacted.

With Flow Monitor, verify the success of your network policies, ensure Quality of Service (QoS), and quickly track and resolve traffic bottlenecks. With support for NetFlow, J-Flow, sFlow v1-2, IPFIX, Cisco ASA Firewalls (NSEL), NBAR and CBQoS, Flow Monitor is your one-stop-shop for network traffic and bandwidth monitoring and analysis. And if your network has non-flow enabled devices, use WhatsUp Gold’s Flow Publisher plug-in with Flow Monitor to get complete network traffic visibility anywhere in your infrastructure, without upgrading your hardware.

Action-Oriented Insight for Better Network Performance

With WhatsUp Gold Flow Monitor, analyzing network traffic patterns and understanding how network bandwidth is utilized has never been simpler. Flow Monitor provides the level of insight you need to instantly identify network problems – such as which users are affecting overall performance with frequent YouTube visits or which applications simply need more bandwidth - so you can take action.

Address Security and Compliance Issues Before They Become a Problem

WhatsUp Gold Flow Monitor enhances network security by providing detailed reporting of ICMP errors and failed connections through protocol type (TCP and UDP) and TCP port address. This information gives you real-time indications of where external attacks may have occurred – enabling you to take action before a major security breach occurs.

This solution also ensures compliance from both a legal and licensing perspective, as it detects unauthorized file-sharing or music-sharing applications that can result in legal liability. These applications can provide a mechanism for the introduction of viruses and worms into the corporate network, so their early detection and de-installation is critical.

Real-Time Alerts and Reports So You Can Quickly React

Flow Monitor delivers powerful real-time views and historical reports to transform raw network traffic data into useful information on network trends, utilization and bandwidth consumption. In addition, receive real-time alerts on bandwidth usage violations for conversation pairs, failed connections per host, top senders and receivers or specific interfaces over time to identify problems right away.

WhatsUp Gold Flow Monitor integrates with all editions of WhatsUp Gold. There is no need to run a separate install – just simply refresh your WhatsUp Gold license to get a consolidated view of health, availability and performance of network devices, applications, servers and network traffic in order to quickly locate, troubleshoot and resolve issues.